• THERE IS AT LEAST TWO OF EVERY MACHINE So there is never a waiting period during workout. I’ve trained at many gyms in the last 35 years. Gym layout provides easy access to every machine and weight stacks. There is at least two of every machine so there is never a waiting period during workout.… [Continue Reading]

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  • TURN BACK THE CLOCK Most everyone knows that exercise can not only improve the quality of our lives but can actually reverse the effects of aging. And even better, it doesn’t take long to realize its many benefits. Even an overweight or out-of-shape person can begin exercising and achieve a fitness level. Health benefits as… [Continue Reading]

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  • All that makes for a more productive day Circuit training method is the training of all the muscle groups using machines, exercise rubber bands, kettle bells, free-weights within one set. Circuit training is a great method for overall conditioning and weight  loss.  

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  • Feel Fine in ‘2016! Personal Training Specials 3 Month Spring and Summer shape-up plan:  Regularly $50 per hour and a gym membership fee… NOW at a special rate. Sign-up for 3 months personal training and receive 50% off the normal rate…Included in your personal Training Sessions: 3 one hour sessions per week of one-on-one attention

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First Steps

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step” applies perfectly to embracing strength training. If you can accomplish one push-up, odds are that in the very near future this number will … [Read More...]

Senior Training

Obviously as we get older the body changes. Due to the lack of movement joints stiffen hindering mobility. As a result the quality of life is compromised. When I take on an older client I will assess … [Read More...]


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